MPC Energy has an unparalleled legacy of empowering clients with increased profitability and press-worthy environmental stewardship. Here’s what some have said:

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  • I would recommend MPC to any interested party and can attest that the results they promised are achievable.

  • …savings opportunities were developed…without undue interruption of the normal workflow of the facility.

    Uniroyal Chemical (now Chemtura)
  • The results that were achieved exceeded our expectations and have been sustained…

    AMCOL International
  • …I was very impressed by MPC work and would not hesitate to use them again…

    British Petroleum (now BP)
  • MPC’s compensation is based on energy savings over an extended period, therefore they have, in effect, become our partners.

    El Dorado Chemical Corporation
  • We have realized significant energy savings without any capital project spending!

    ICL Performance Products LP
  • We could not have accomplished what was done…I have already recommended MPC to former colleagues.

    Innovia Films
  • We have achieved savings beyond the original estimate.

  • …the documented energy savings has exceeded your initial proposal and the pay-back period will be less than six months.

    Union Carbide
  • This is one of the easiest programs to make a plant manager look good.

    Union Camp (now International Paper)
  • …have positioned us to progress to Solomon 1st Quartile performance. More importantly, I feel we can stay there.

  • We have realized significant savings and the refinery awareness that MPC generated will help to insure a sustainable Energy Stewardship Program.

  • The MPC team are consummate professionals that…earned the trust of plant personnel.

    Cooper Tire
  • …we are very satisfied with the projected savings and implementation…this is a positive step towards energy control.

  • Not only…financial benefits, but communications have been opened between departments allowing advances beyond the scope of utility management.

    Sun Chemical
  • Now, two months into the program, it is obvious that the net savings will represent 26% of the budgeted energy costs…

  • …were skeptical that improvements of the magnitude which (MPC) was promising were achievable. We have seen improvements as promised…

    Corn Products International
  • (The MPC team) was very conscientious and tenacious…through their efforts we were able to achieve significant savings.

  • The Energy Reduction Management System implemented in this plant is real and clearly differentiates MPC’s programs from others.

    Continental General Tire, Inc.
  • MPC has opened our eyes to the cost side of energy and the ability to benchmark day-to-day operations by monitoring energy.

    Continental General Tire, Inc.
  • …adding real dollars to our bottom line at year’s end, instead of sending them to an energy company.

  • We have realized savings when energy costs are escalating at a record pace… I would recommend their services to anyone…