We assess your energy opportunity.

Your time is valuable, and so is ours. We’ll schedule a brief call and discuss some of your usage metrics to find out if your manufacturing operation is a good candidate for MPC.

We invest in the right clients.

Following a couple of layers of due diligence, we’ll work with your management team to establish some objectives. We then schedule an engagement team to execute over several months at the client site, all at zero up-front cost to the client.

We 'blend in' with your team.

Safety and production are, and should be, the primary focus of your team. While you keep the trains running, we dig into energy usage drivers and check in with your team regularly regarding the opportunities revealed by data, process queries, and MPC’s proprietary catalog of known benchmarks and thermodynamic algorithms.

We go deep into the data.

The first key to an MPC-level understanding of how energy flows through your process lies in highly complex processes of dissection and manipulation of data from your historians. Even where metering doesn’t exist, we can find critical answers that will help us complete the big picture.

We get our hands dirty.

Our chemical and process engineers study and quantify the thermodynamic attributes of your processes and product from the viewpoint of the production floor. Only by seeing your engineering and production challenges firsthand can we work in concert with your engineering team to validate true energy optimization opportunities.

We validate your unique model.

Client after client, year after year; no other company can match MPC’s proven record of accuracy in consumption modeling. We factor out unaddressable variables (such as climate), hypothesize and test for variance drivers using multiple methodologies; and arrive at a unique series of algorithms which, upon completion, invariably track our model against your actual usage within one percent.

We reveal the ideal.

We combine the volumes of this analysis with proprietary resources to find your ‘gold standard’: those best-case consumption targets at each plant, line, and equipment level. These serve as your unique and perpetual barometer for energy optimization of existing equipment; and understand where future capital projects will translate to meaningful ROI.

We isolate and attack opportunities.

Throughout this process, we’ve assembled a list of quantified and immediate savings opportunities and can now deploy a joint engineering ‘SWAT’ team to go after these opportunities and watch them translate into a distinct and unquestionable reduction in the cost of energy per production unit.

We get paid when you save.

MPC’s flexible services model adapts to the culture, objectives and constraints of any organization. The bulk of our clients choose simple contingency fee agreements, paying out a percentage of MPC-impacted savings (as proven by the validated model and decrease in unit-cost of energy) over a period of time after we leave.

We leave you the tools to sustain.

Congratulations! You are now ISO 50001 compliant, you know the true difference between a “good energy day” and a bad one, and you’ve got the world’s most intelligent custom monitoring and response system guiding you to sustain (and increase) those savings every day.