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It was a pleasure working with you and the MPC team on the energy efficiency project in our…facility. The results that were achieved exceeded our expectations and have been sustained…

We’ll look forward to future projects with MPC and please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference.

AMCOL International

MPC experience in energy measuring and monitoring as well as developing ‘Best Practices’ was aligned with BP focus and the two companies worked very well together.

I was very impressed by MPC work and would not hesitate to use them again in the future or recommend their work to any prospective client.

British Petroleum

We are completely satisfied with the results of the energy management study conducted by [MPC]. The management system that was installed has already had a substantial positive impact not only on the energy efficiency of the plant, but also on the attitude of the plant staff towards energy conservation.

Increased awareness by all plant employees has been accomplished throughout the energy committee and an action needed program that was established to generate energy-saving ideas.

The consensus of opinion at this plant is that the Energy Management System we now have in place is a positive step toward energy cost control. We now have the task ahead of us to use this system for improving all energy related areas of our operation.


A number of savings opportunities were developed and presented for qualification and implementation. This was accomplished without undue interruption of the normal workflow of the facility.

[MPC] developed models for energy consumption. A clear understanding of the model development is essential as a basis for comparative savings. The program requires management commitment and identified responsibility for energy management.

The relatively efficient multi-unit chemical facility presented a significant challenge to MPC. The implementation of agreed upon recommendations is producing savings at the facility. The concept and program outline proposed by [MPC] can be of significant benefit in facilities where energy management has not been prioritized.

Uniroyal Chemical

[The MPC team] was very conscientious and tenacious in their approach to our energy situation and through their efforts we were able to achieve significant savings. [MPC] was very pleasant to work with and integrated very well into our refinery culture.

CITGO Asphalt Refining Company

The Energy Reduction Management System implemented in this plant is real and clearly differentiates MPC’s programs from others…Members of the project team are world-class professionals and truly understand energy…We were able to implement demand control technology to verify actual results versus the predicted model. This has allowed us to look at energy as a key measure on a daily basis…become aware of the total process from the energy side…and become more competitive in the marketplace.

MPC has opened our eyes to the cost side of energy and the ability to benchmark day-to-day operations by monitoring energy.

Continental General Tire

With the help of MPC, we have identified opportunities to save 15-20% of our annual energy costs.

From a consultant cost standpoint, the advantage with MPC is that they don’t track a list of ideas and ‘claim’ savings. Instead, they build a detailed energy model of the facility based on production level, production schedule, environmental, and the other factors. This model is proven accurate over past data and then projected over current conditions. If there is a favorable difference between the predicted and actual, then we both share in the savings. They have also provided us a modified version of the model that we can use to budget energy costs over potential production scenarios.

The MPC site representatives will aggressively pursue savings opportunities with your staff. They will leave in place an energy management process and structure that can be sustained by in-house personnel to provide continuous improvement. I have been pleased with the overall program and with the individuals we have dealt with at MPC. We have begun to see the results of the work and look forward to even greater savings down the road. In an era where maintaining cost structure is not good enough, MPC helped us organize our efforts to step change our energy costs.

Cooper Tire

The MPC team are consummate professionals that have been readily available, easy to work with, and always courteous, putting the customer at ease while working for progress. I noted that they always put in a full day’s work and earned the trust of plant personnel.

I feel that they went above and beyond their duty to make contacts with vendors, run down data, work through calculations, help scope projects, or anything else we requested. Specifically, they created a detailed set of procedures for the plant that will be invaluable in maintaining the system and training others.

I would recommend their assistance to any site implementing such a system. Further, if changes need to be made to our system in the future, I will ask for their involvement to ensure success.

Cooper Tire

Many people were skeptical that improvements of the magnitude which [MPC] was promising were achievable. We have seen improvements as promised and are looking forward to maintaining these and improving them further.

Corn Products International

We are pleased with the results and the ongoing support that MPC has provided to support our energy savings project. The implementation of the energy monitoring system was a challenge for our complex refinery. However, MPC and CMC worked together to establish a very usable system to monitor and improve our energy performance. Together, the team was able to implement energy-saving measure at the field level by doing an excellent job communicating and training refinery operators. Good energy practices have been integrated into daily operator activities resulting in sustained energy savings.

At the midway point of the energy initiative, I can say that the program has been a success. To date, CMC has realized an 8% reduction in energy consumption. This reduction has been achieved through improved monitoring and diligence among the MPC-CMC team. Since the program has institutionalized good energy conservation behaviors, I believe that the results we have achieved will be sustained for many years to come.

MPC has played a very important role in helping CMC reduce energy consumption. Results of the energy program have been achieved through improved monitoring an operation without significant capital expenditures. I would recommend the MPC program to any facility that is concerned about energy reduction and costs.


Your ability to capture our complex operation in a model that clearly shows our energy performance is commendable. With the model established as our monitoring tool, I am confident the site will have the ability internally to continue to drive improvements and savings well into the future.


Daltile is excited with the progress we have made towards energy conservation goals in collaboration with MPC. The tools developed to monitor and understand where our energy opportunities exist have proven to be effective in focusing our efforts where savings can be attained. These tools have also heightened the awareness of energy consumption from the production floor to the front office in our plant.

The persistent drive of the MPC team has allowed us to implement an Energy Management system that will continue to find future savings after the end of this implementation phase. The team was always willing to help and educate when asked for assistance resolving any problems.”


As a result of this work, we have already achieved significant savings and are looking forward to adding real dollars to our bottom line at year’s end, instead of sending them to an energy company. Plants that use large amounts of energy should seriously consider an energy conservation program developed by MPC.

DSM Copolymer

MPC personnel were on site immediately, went through safety orientations, and began to familiarize themselves with the plant operations. Within a few weeks, MPC began to find opportunities that would generate substantial savings. MPC began to publish a bi-weekly newsletter to communicate savings ideas to all plant personnel. Also, a program was set up to encourage employees to come forward with suggestions.

MPC set up models for steam usage, gas usage, and ammonia usage based on historical data. These models contain various drivers for consideration of production rates, weather, and other variables. The energy projects that have been implemented reflect the savings in the models as well as I the invoices received for utilities and raw materials.

The energy management system provided by MPC is designed to institutionalize the procedural changes that were made to achieve the energy related cost productions. The efforts put forth by MPC are expected to benefit El Dorado Chemical Company for many years. MPC’s compensation is based on energy savings over an extended period, therefore, they have, in effect, become our partners.

El Dorado Chemical Company

MPC provided quality personnel who actively worked with our plant personnel to identify opportunities and aggressively go after the savings. They provided a system that will allow us to continue to improve savings well after they have gone. In total they were here about 7 months with from 3 to 5 personnel at any one time. They did exactly as they said they would. Their people were professional and easy to work with. They key for a successful outcome requires a commitment and trusts on both sides and can only be successful if both sides benefit. They were strictly business and have saved us about $1,500,000 a year in energy and raw materials usage. We feel confident that we will continue to improve on the saving after they have gone with the tools and knowledge they have given us to work with. I would certainly recommend using them in other locations.

El Dorado Chemical Company

Through their study of the plant processes MPC began to develop ways to reduce energy consumption through better management controls and changes in operation. The Energy Management System provided by MPC jointly with El Dorado Chemical, is designed to define the accounting for energy usage and provide checks (along with action) to be sure we are acting to control the energy usage. The new system and philosophy of operation are becoming part of our total management of the plant with benefits continuing to flow the current changes along with new ideas being developed by our own personnel.

The method of compensation for their work was a distinct selling point in our decision to commence the project.

We are already seeing large savings through their efforts and the great cooperation between the personnel of both companies. The MPC team did a great job. We expect the savings to continue indefinitely.

El Dorado Chemical Company

El Dorado Chemical Company (EDCC) is pleased with the progress Modular Process Control, LLC (MPC) has made in helping our El Dorado, Arkansas chemical manufacturing facility reduce its energy-related costs. We chose MPC over other proposals because of its approach to be compensated on the basis of actual savings, thereby creating an incentive for joint success of both MPC and the client. MPC has worked side-by-side with EDCC personnel to develop a detailed understanding our manufacturing processes and build a solid working relationship to implement positive change. We have also seen other corollary program benefits including:

  • Improved operations monitoring resulting in better quantification of energy savings opportunities, and a system to implement needed change in a timely manner.
  • A proactive and positive attitude within the EDCC organization to identify new energy and raw material savings opportunities, and publicize the successes throughout the organization.
  • Reduction of capital expenditures through identification of lower investment alternatives or by reducing energy consumption to the point where a capital project may no longer be justified.
  • An upgrade of our energy and raw material metering system that will help EDCC identify future opportunities and retain energy savings already implemented.

El Dorado Chemical Company

The result of [MPC’s systems] have and will continue to reduce our present operating costs. The impact of their study has stimulated the awareness of our supervisors of the ever-rising cost of energy and has proven to be a positive step in cost control. The system will allow us to easily monitor our energy usage and keep these cost centers under control.

We found MPC’s staff to be professional and efficient in their conduct and dealings with our people. The system was designed in conjunction with our current energy procedures and present documentation so that we weren’t inundated with unnecessary paperwork.

I would recommend MPC to other manufacturing companies that are interested in controlling a particular cost center.

Ethyl Corporation

I would like to thank you for the fine job which your company has done for us. The team did a thorough job and identified several areas where we were not using energy efficiently. The combination of these amounted to a considerable savings on our monthly electrical bill if we improved our efficiency. Also, the program which you established for ongoing tracking of energy consumption in our facility will be invaluable for us in the future as we continue our efforts to maintain and expand our conservation program.

I would also like to mention the professionalism which your survey team displayed while working within the plant. they were very cooperative in working with us so as to not be a burden. also, considering our tight security, I feel you personnel worked will with us in maintaining the security system and in working in the plant without disrupting the workforce.

I would like to say ‘THANK YOU’ for providing us with the necessary tools to continue to track our energy usage and save energy for years to come.”

General Dynamics

The studies of all aspects of operations and the results of these studies…resulted in improved energy efficiencies, better understanding of the processes…and a better overall production process.

It was a pleasure to work with MPC to achieve a higher level of energy efficiencies and understanding of the entire plant.

Harbison-Walker Refractories

I would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation and admiration for the energy reduction work conducted by MPC…Cost reductions in utilities have been realized through the collaborative effort of our staff and MPC. The management systems they developed with us insure the continuance of the savings as well as highlight additional potential. The Energy Requirements Plan they developed provided us with daily performance targets for energy use in production and are also being use to improve our ability to forecast and budget.

Overall, MPC’s energy conservation training and guidance has been a positive approach to utility cost management at our facility. It has produced real savings at a time when energy costs are escalating at a record pace. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improving utility efficiencies.

Hoeganaes Corporation

Over the years, we had assigned engineers to focus on energy conservation efforts. Our focused efforts typically resulted in 20% behavioral changes and 80% project-based improvements. We had only marginal success in the past sustaining the behavioral changes and funding the capital projects identified.

With the extremely high cost of energy and limited resources, we brought MPC in to help us reduce energy costs. The aspects of MPC’s offering that I was especially interested in included their non-capital improvement focus and implementing an energy management system to allow sustained results.

MPC brought in very talented group of resources to work with the plant. I was very pleased with how well they integrated with our operation throughout the implementation phase. We had many obstacles that we had to overcome to complete the energy model of our process (limited data and process/product changes). MPC extended their presence at the plant for a considerable period of time, applying additional resources to work through all the plant issues and ensure that the energy management system was being used effectively.

We have realized significant energy savings without any capital project spending! The current savings are great but by far the most important contribution is having an energy management system to identify immediate variances, evaluate energy trends, and evaluate energy impacts of any process/equipment changes. Our first line supervisors and operators look at the energy consumption ratios (energy consumed vs. production) on all critical lines in the plant and make adjustments, as needed. The site’s energy team is also in place to focus on short and long-term improvement opportunities.

We are currently in the retention period. While I feel good with our use of the system, I think it continues to be valuable to have MPC’s involvement to help institutionalize the changes.

ICL Performance Products LP

I want to thank MPC for everything that was accomplished during the energy project at Innovia Films. We could not have accomplished what was done without your support. Because we run such a lean staff, it is easy for our team to put out fires rather than focus on the long-term energy savings. When we were distracted, your staff was there to encourage us to get back on track.

In addition to keeping the team focused, they identified several energy opportunities that had long been overlooked and gave us the tools and procedures to make this an integral part of our daily routine. With your help, monitoring energy consumption soon became a habit, allowing us to manage the system ourselves and drive further improvements.

The MPC staff was great to work with on the shop floor and at the management level. They brought good ideas to the table and actively looked for new opportunities. I have already recommended MPC to former colleagues. I’m pleased to be able to tell them that the savings estimated, based on the initial survey, were easily achievable for our plant and were not just a marketing tool.

Innovia Films

We have been tracking the results of the work performed by MPC for more than six months and we are right on schedule to your projected savings.

At the time when overhead costs need to be reduced, it certainly is satisfying to know that we have reduced significantly our energy costs.

LaBarge, Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to MPC for the energy reduction work conducted at our facility…Cost reductions in utilities have been realized through the collaborative effort of our Gerdau Macsteel energy team and MPC. The management systems they helped us to develop will ensure a sustainable savings and increase our awareness for future potential savings.

MPC’s methods focus on the development of a measurement system for plant utilities. This measurement system provides a window into how we manage our energy resources. We were able to utilize this knowledge throughout the plant to implement changes in the way we manage our energy usage. Many of the utility cost reductions were achieved through the development of processes for leak repair, start/shutdown procedures, burner tuning and audit procedures in each department. The Energy Requirements Plan they developed provided us with daily performance target for energy use and allowed us to see the effect of our changes as they took place.

We have realized savings when energy costs are escalating at a record pace and the plant wide awareness that MPC generated will help to insure a sustainable initiative. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve energy efficiency.


MPC made an analysis of the potential energy savings at the facility. Although there was considerable initial skepticism considering the actual achievable savings and the associated measurement system, the direct and professional approach of the [MPC] staff nullified these concerns. Now, two months into the program, it is obvious that the net savings will represent 26% of the budgeted energy costs…I would highly recommend the services of the MPC Corporation to any company seeking professional assessment or a program to reduce energy costs.


MPC is able to see anomalies in our energy usage that have been invisible to us before now. . . Keep an open mind, there is no doubt that working cooperatively, there is a significant potential for energy savings.


…we are very satisfied with the projected savings and implementation of the energy management plan that is now in operation…this is a positive step towards energy control.


Not only have your work and method brought financial benefits, but communications have been opened between departments allowing advances beyond the scope of utility management.


The joint project between Syngenta and MPC has resulted in a renewed commitment at the…plant site to control and minimize energy usage in all its forms.

The project has evolved, as expected, around two central themes –major operational improvements that make step changes in consumption and personnel awareness, and knowledge that influences the “continuous improvement” aspects of the operations. To achieve the overall 7% decrease in utility consumption that is now the agreed upon goal, both companies had to face significant challenges to their modes of thinking that were in play at project start-up. The great credit to MPC in this process is that they recognized there were many drivers to cost savings . . and energy savings had to be balanced against a variety of factors including inventory carrying costs and different achievable run rates based on different final products. This adaptive challenge was met and overcome by MPC. Their team changed the normal MPC approach in several ways that fully met Syngenta’s needs. This was the key to success – MPC listening and coming to a full understanding of the customers’ business. The result is a program in place that will serve Syngenta well into the future as the challenges of energy costs continue.

Syngenta Global

Manufacturing management is undergoing a behavior change by recognizing the importance of and potential cost savings from energy reduction activities. Upper management is pleased with the improved profitability being realized through the implementation of this program.

Thermal Ceramics

TPC Group

Tyler had talked to energy consultants before, but most wanted us to make big capital investments to get savings.

I was impressed by how you went about your data gathering and analysis. Certainly, the savings opportunities you said we had were there. You gave us a model that we now review constantly and use to track the results of our conservation and efficiency efforts. The program works because you can see the impact (both good and bad) of your actions on a daily basis – in my opinion the only way a program can be effective long-term. We are millions of dollars ahead of where we would have been had we not contracted with you.

I appreciate the professionalism and work ethic all MPC employees have shown at Tyler Pipe, and have enjoyed working with you.

Tyler Pipe

I would enlist your services as one of my first projects in any plant I manage in the future…This is one of the easiest programs to make a plant manager look good.

Union Camp Corporation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the MPC organization for the professional manner in which you developed, presented, and implemented our energy management system.

I am pleased to inform you that to date the documented energy savings has exceeded your initial proposal and the pay-back period will be less than six months.

Union Carbide Corporation

The program resulted in savings of 19% in electricity and 21% in gas use. The professionalism of the MPC staff made the program a success without disrupting our day-to-day activities. Our initial concerns were that we would be interrupted by their presence; however, this was not the case. They worked well with our people and were cognizant of our quality and production concerns. I would recommend their program…The energy program was highly successful and will continue to keep our costs under control.


Valero has a track record as an energy efficient refinery, but we lacked the tools and procedural discipline to take our performance to the next level. The tools and processes that MPC facilitated at our refinery have positioned us to progress to Solomon 1st Quartile performance. More importantly, I feel we can stay there.

The MPC process to improving our energy usage is effective, and I appreciated the new ideas they brought to the table, as well as their respectful approach to our employees.

I would recommend MPC to any interested party and can attest that the results they promised are achievable.


The energy savings achieved to date and the additional savings that are yet to be achieved will certainly go a long way towards improving the energy posture of the refinery. It was due to the total focus towards energy that MPC employed that allowed us to greatly reduce our energy consumption and even more importantly maintain those savings. We would recommend MPC to any interested party and can verify that the focus on energy that MPC provides is an extremely valuable effort.


Significant cost reductions in energy usage were realized through the collaborative effort of our Valero energy team and MPC. We believe that the Energy management System tools MPC helped us to develop will ensure sustainable savings and increase our awareness for the future savings opportunities.

We have appreciated MPC’s process focus on non-capital improvement opportunities and the development of a management control system to optimize refinery energy usage. This measurement and control system has provided Valero a window into how we manage our energy resources.

We have been able to utilize this knowledge throughout our refineries to implement changes in the way we manage our energy resources. MPC engaged plant personnel in the change management process. Together MPC and Valero staff were quick to identify less efficient operating practices and behaviors, process control issues, equipment and maintenance inefficiencies. Changing these conditions and practices resulted in a significant reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

MPC’s energy conservation training system tools and guidance, along with sensitivity to the process of change in the refineries created a positive approach to energy consumption and cost management at Valero. We have realized significant savings and the refinery awareness that MPC generated will help to insure a sustainable Energy Stewardship Program.


The energy program we installed has been successful. We have achieved savings beyond the original estimate. We are sure that this program will enable us to hold our costs down.


The management systems MPC developed with us insure continuance of the savings as well as highlight additional potential. The Energy Requirements Plan developed provided us with daily performance targets for energy use in production and will also be used to improve our ability to forecast and budget. There were many side benefits to the system which include: improved communication, increased accountability, and improved organization. You folks have been thorough, practical, and easy to work with. The management systems that you have developed for us are solid and will help us sustain our energy savings over the long-term.

Overall, MPC’s energy conservation training and guidance has been a positive approach to utility cost management at our facility. It has produced results along with a system to sustain and enhance those results. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve utility efficiency.


We had several well-known energy consultants do quick energy surveys of our facility which yielded few recommendations for improvement. Due to financial challenges and the resultant need for further reduced manufacturing costs, we began seriously considering MPC for a review of our facility and therefore revived our communications with their organization.

The results:

  • Developed a 3 year historical energy usage model based on Teepak data.
  • Identified approximately $1,000.000 in potential annual energy savings.
  • YTD July 2006 we are achieving $1,100,000 in savings on an annualized rate.
  • Developed an energy management/monitoring system.
  • Develop an energy conscientious team within the Teepak management group.
  • Financed approximately $100,000 in capital projects.

Will provide oversight for the next 28 months to ensure that we are achieving these savings. The biggest value we received from MPC was for eight months having 3-4 full-time professionals looking at our facility who were not burdened down by other responsibilities. They provided the systems and drive to identify and push for these savings.


MPC was retained by Zenith Electronics Corporation, to design an Energy Management System which provides management with a viable tool to effect energy conservation at our facility.

This objective has been successfully accomplished through MPC’s thorough planning, implementation, reporting and follow-up procedures.

I would highly recommend MPC in the Energy Management field for they have performed to the levels they initially committed to.


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